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Playboy Germany 1982

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Playboy January 1982 Cover

Issue: January 1982
Playmate: Gabi Schüdel (photography by Dagmar Puttkammer)
Cover: Unknown

Centerfold Photo: Gabi Schüdel (photography by Dagmar Puttkammer)

Interview: Henry Fonda (by Lawrence Grobel)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Fifis Comeback' (by Marianne Haas); 'Höhepunkte' (by Jeff Dunas); 'Sex in 1981'; Playboy's Playmate-Parade 1981: Angela Fennesz, Barbara Flommersfeld, Corinna Beckh, Silvia Kaiser, Michaela May, Margarete Zimonjic, Ria Brinkmann, Yasmine Mehr-Aine, Uschi Termath, Bettina Mey, Susan Smith, Eva-Maria Kunth

Playboy February 1982 Cover

Issue: February 1982
Playmate: Daniela Rückert (photography by Jürgen Dommnich)
Cover: Unknown

Centerfold Photo: Daniela Rückert (photography by Jürgen Dommnich)

Interview: Lech Wałęsa (by Ania Bittenek, Krysia Bittenek)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Béla Erny, Mary Sur; 'Share Schüsse ' (by Jeff Dunas); 'Reine Form-Sache'

Playboy March 1982 Cover featured by Diana Fitzgerald

Issue: March 1982
Playmate: Martina Patzal
Cover: Diana Fitzgerald

Centerfold Photo: Martina Patzal

Interview: Gert Bastian
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Mach's Mal Puppe!' (by Günther Kaufmann); Uschi Winter (by Ingolf Thiel); Tetchie Agbayani (Tetcha) (by Herbert W. Hesselmann)

Playboy April 1982 Cover featured by Patti McGuire (Patti Connors)

Issue: April 1982
Playmate: Marcia Berger
Cover: Patti McGuire (Patti Connors) (photography by Pompeo Posar, designed by Tom Staebler)

Centerfold Photo: Marcia Berger

Interview: Ewald Lienen
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Patti McGuire (by Pompeo Posar); 'Lust nacht der Nacht' (by Larry Dale Gordon); Girls of Hawaii: Audria Wilson, Maile Seaman, Lori Lehuanani Kaohimaunu, Sherry Bush, Holliday Nejla Ozan, Rebecca Libadisos, Elise Travis, Elvina Taurua, Lei Ho, Pattie McKinley, Mimorie Acain, Carole Rose, Leilani Ketell, Sally Plada, Clarissa Matthews, Cherie Maiava, Kehaulani Cubio, Lourdes Estores (by Richard Fegley, Ken Marcus)

Playboy May 1982 Cover featured by Lena Kansbod

Issue: May 1982
Playmate: Cristina Keller (photography by Otto R. Weisser, Arnaldo Klajn (CF photo))
Cover: Lena Kansbod (photography by Peter Turner)

Centerfold Photo: Cristina Keller (photography by Arnaldo Klajn)

Interview: Rene Kollo
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Anne Parillaud (by Michel Ginfray, Jean-Pierre Moutin); 'Hautnah' (by Frank Rheinboldt); Penny Wells (by Jeff Dunas)

Playboy June 1982 Cover featured by Bettina Mey

Issue: June 1982
Playmate: Kimberly McArthur (photography by Arny Freytag)
Cover: Bettina Mey (photography by Otto R. Weisser)

Centerfold Photo: Kimberly McArthur (photography by Arny Freytag)

Interview: Daniel Goeudevert
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Carrera (by Marco Glaviano); Girls of Spain (by Pompeo Posar); Shannon Tweed; 'Girl with Ties' (by Heribert Brehm); Marion Kurz (by Axel Ruske); Anne-Marie Fox (by Arny Freytag, Phillip Dixon)

Playboy July 1982 Cover featured by Tetchie Agbayani (Tetcha)

Issue: July 1982
Playmate: Anne-Marie Fox (photography by Arny Freytag, Phillip Dixon)
Cover: Tetchie Agbayani (Tetcha) (photography by Herbert W. Hesselmann)

Centerfold Photo: Anne-Marie Fox (photography by Arny Freytag, Phillip Dixon)

Interview: Manfred Rommel
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Isabel Varell (by Jürgen Dommnich); Barbara Schantz (by Pompeo Posar); Anna Ventura (Chloe) (by Jeff Dunas); 'Komm Ran'

Playboy August 1982 Cover featured by Brigitte Wöllner

Issue: August 1982
Playmate: Barbara Riemer (photography by Otto R. Weisser)
Cover: Brigitte Wöllner

Centerfold Photo: Barbara Riemer (photography by Otto R. Weisser)

Interview: Niki Lauda
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Mazzu (by Otto R. Weisser); Girls of California (by Phillip Dixon, Arny Freytag, Stan Malinowski); Blende Sex: Rita Lee, Lillian Müller, Debra Jo Fondren (by Richard Fegley); Beatrice Richter (by Jochen Harder); '10th Anniversary of Playboy Germany'; Playboy's Schönste Stars & Sterne

Playboy September 1982 Cover featured by Cieta Stöwe

Issue: September 1982
Playmate: Lourdes Estores (photography by Ken Marcus)
Cover: Cieta Stöwe

Centerfold Photo: Lourdes Estores (photography by Ken Marcus)

Interview: Heinz G. Konsalik
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Flommersfeld (by Heribert Brehm); Mariel Hemingway (by Arny Freytag); Alexandra Curtis

Playboy October 1982 Cover featured by Anissa Bonina

Issue: October 1982
Playmate: Manuela Nehls (photography by Peter Weissbrich)
Cover: Anissa Bonina

Centerfold Photo: Manuela Nehls (photography by Peter Weissbrich)

Interview: Udo Jürgens
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Judy (by Jeff Dunas); Melanie Tressler (by Otto R. Weisser); Girls of Ipanema (by Otto R. Weisser)

Playboy November 1982 Cover featured by Gaby Annicette

Issue: November 1982
Playmate: Andrea Engel (photography by Peter Baumann)
Cover: Gaby Annicette (photography by Jo Hammar)

Centerfold Photo: Andrea Engel (photography by Peter Baumann)

Interview: Ulf Merbold
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Rebecca Winter (by Jochen Harder); Cornelia Eibl (by Günther Kaufmann); Veronique (Nancy Suiter) (by Jeff Dunas)

Playboy December 1982 Cover

Issue: December 1982
Playmate: Patricia Farinelli (photography by Ken Marcus)
Cover: Unknown

Centerfold Photo: Patricia Farinelli (photography by Ken Marcus)

Interview: Alain Delon
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Tanya Roberts (by Richard Fegley); Girls of Kitzbühel; 'Der Shöne Schein ' (by Karin Rocholl); Michele Lammer

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