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Playboy Colombia 2011

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Playboy February 2011 Cover featured by Pamela Anderson

Issue: February 2011
Playmate: Laura Paladines (photography by Giorgio del Vecchio)
Cover: Pamela Anderson (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Centerfold Photo: Laura Paladines (photography by Giorgio del Vecchio)

Interview: 1. Paty Bermúdez / 2. Gonzalo Vivanco (by 1. Estefanía Duarte)
20Q: Javier Gurruchaga (by Arturo J. Flores)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Dóra Halmai, Mónika Bezzegh (by Pál Nánási); 'Pintado con el Alma'; Christina Aguilera

Playboy March 2011 Cover featured by Ailen Denise

Issue: March 2011
Playmate: Catalina Lesmes (photography by Andrés Zuluaga)
Cover: Ailen Denise (photography by Mauricio Vélez)

Centerfold Photo: Catalina Lesmes (photography by Andrés Zuluaga)

Fiction: Gabriel García Márquez 'El ahogado mas hermoso del mundo'
Interview: 1. Carlos Jacanamijoy / 2. Gabriel García Márquez (Part 1) (by 1. Consuelo Garzón / 2. Claudia Dreifus)
20Q: Michael Douglas
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Julie Ginther (by Mark Ralston); Francesca Lukasik (by Pietro Lucerni); Beyoncé Knowles; 'Zona Retro'; 'Mitad Angeles, Mitad Demonios' (by Mauricio Vélez)

Playboy April 2011 Cover featured by Rabbit Head

Issue: April 2011
Playmate: Erika Gomar (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)
Cover: Rabbit Head (photography by Marcin Wasiołka)

Centerfold Photo: Erika Gomar (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Fiction: Paola Tinoco 'El Experimento'
Interview: 1. Deepak Chopra / 2. Gabriel García Márquez (Part 2) (by 1. David Hochman / 2. Claudia Dreifus)
20Q: Heriberto Aranguren (by Consuelo Garzón)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Valentina Laíno (by Andrés Zuluaga); Zoë Saldaña (by Cliff Watts); Lingerie Football League: Stephanie Rollis, Jeannette McCoy, Ashley Helmstetter, Tanyka Renee, Mikayla Wingle, Tisha Marie, Chelsie Jorgensen, Vanessa Sanchez, Nadia Larysa, Stephanie Noel (by Arny Freytag)

Playboy May 2011 Cover featured by Elizabeth Jagger

Issue: May 2011
Playmate: Crystal Harris (photography by Stephen Wayda)
Cover: Elizabeth Jagger (photography by Sasha Eisenman)

Centerfold Photo: Crystal Harris (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Fiction: Alhuate 'La última copa'
Interview: 1. José Obdulio Gaviria / 2. Gabriel García Márquez (Part 3) / 3. Hugh Hefner (by 1. Consuelo Garzón Madrigal / 2. Claudia Dreifus / 3. Florian Boitin, Philip Wolff)
20Q: Maná (by Arturo J. Flores)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Ekaterina Yakovenko (by Oleg Khoroshev); Megan Fox; 'Sex in Cinema 2010'

Playboy June 2011 Cover featured by Yésica Narváez

Issue: June 2011
Playmate: Angie Marcela Amaya (photography by Andrés Zuluaga)
Cover: Yésica Narváez (photography by Andrés Zuluaga)

Centerfold Photo: Angie Marcela Amaya (photography by Andrés Zuluaga)

Fiction: Carmen Ortiz E. 'Animal de Agua'
Interview: Gabriel García Márquez (Part 4) (by Claudia Dreifus)
20Q: León Valencia Agudelo (by Consuelo Garzón Madrigal)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Flavia Monti (by Jaime Pilnik, Renan Rêgo)

Playboy July 2011 Cover featured by Crystal Harris

Issue: July 2011
Playmate: Connie Mengotti (photography by Luis Sens)
Cover: Crystal Harris (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Centerfold Photo: Connie Mengotti (photography by Luis Sens)

Fiction: Elena Medel 'Junto a la piscina'
Interview: Woody Allen (by Anna Bolena Meléndez)
20Q: Carlos Salazar (by Gerardo Campillo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Eglė Jurčaitė (Monika Egle) (by Monika Požerskytė); Yésica Narváez (by Andrés Zuluaga)

Playboy August 2011 Cover featured by Derly Baena

Issue: August 2011
Playmate: Yisela Avendaño (photography by Alan Alban)
Cover: Derly Baena (photography by Andrés Zuluaga, Carlos Porto)

Centerfold Photo: Yisela Avendaño (photography by Alan Alban)

Fiction: Norma Yamille Cuéllar 'Te Espero En El Hotel Roosevelt'
Interview: Jorge Hernández (by Arturo J. Flores)
20Q: Juan Manuel Charry (by Consuelo Garzón Madrigal)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Larissa Riquelme (by Maurício Nahas); Vivian Restrepo (by Kike Rosero)

Playboy October 2011 Cover featured by Öznur Asrav

Issue: October 2011
Playmate: Nina Osenar (photography by Aleš Bravničar)
Cover: Öznur Asrav (photography by Florian Lohmann)

Centerfold Photo: Nina Osenar (photography by Aleš Bravničar)

Interview: Antonio Nariño
20Q: Ron Jeremy (by Arturo J. Flores)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Castle of Dracula: Katarzyna Danysz-Żelewska, Weronika Żurkowska (by Szymon Brodziak); Lara Stone

Playboy November 2011 Cover featured by Roberta Georgiadi

Issue: November 2011
Playmate: Liliana Angelova (photography by Dilian Markov)
Cover: Roberta Georgiadi (photography by Pál Nánási)

Centerfold Photo: Liliana Angelova (photography by Dilian Markov)

Interview: 1. Juan Manuel Márquez / 2. Daniel Sada (by 1. Mario Rojas R. / 2. Adán Medellín)
20Q: Alberto Peláez (by Patricia Ponce)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Entre Sábanas: Diana Carolina Ardila, Verónica Cotes, Derly Baena (by Gustavo Nieto Roa, Andrés Zuluaga); Carlotta Champagne (by Martín Alonso)

Playboy December 2011 - January 2012 Cover featured by Delmis Muñoz

Issue: December 2011 - January 2012
Playmate: Adriana Cardona (photography by Kike Rosero)
Cover: Delmis Muñoz (photography by Alan Alban)

Centerfold Photo: Adriana Cardona (photography by Kike Rosero)

Interview: Diego Martínez Lloreda (by Gustavo Gómez Córdoba)
20Q: Max Guerra (by Jair Vasquez)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Andrea Salazar (by Alan Alban); 'Crazy Horse Paris' (by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

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