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Playboy USA 1972

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Playboy January 1972 Cover featured by Willy Rey, Claire Rambeau, Liv Lindeland, Crystal Smith

Issue: January 1972
Playmate: Marilyn Cole (photography by Alexas Urba)
Cover: Willy Rey, Claire Rambeau, Liv Lindeland, Crystal Smith (photography by Mario Casilli, Alexas Urba, Dwight Hooker, Pompeo Posar; collage photo by Bill Arsenault)

Centerfold Photo: Marilyn Cole (photography by Alexas Urba)

Interview: Germaine Greer (by Nat Lehrman)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playboy's Playmate Review 1971: Liv Lindeland, Willy Rey, Cynthia Hall, Chris Cranston, Janice Pennington, Lieko English, Heather Van Every, Cathy Rowland, Crystal Smith, Claire Rambeau, Danielle de Vabre, Karen Christy (by Mario Casilli, David Chan, Alexas Urba, Pompeo Posar, Dwight Hooker); 'Tarot: A Fresh Look at an Arcane Art' (by Alexas Urba); 'What to Do With Sunday New York Times' (by Bill Reider)

Playboy February 1972 Cover featured by Barbara Carrera

Issue: February 1972
Playmate: P.J. Lansing (photography by Pompeo Posar)
Cover: Barbara Carrera (photography by Peter Turner)

Centerfold Photo: P.J. Lansing (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Interview: R. Buckminster Fuller (by Barry Farrell)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Angel Tompkins (by Jay Arnold, Frederick Moore); 'Who Are We?' (by Paul Fusco)

Playboy March 1972 Cover featured by Dominique Sanda

Issue: March 1972
Playmate: Ellen Michaels (photography by Dwight Hooker)
Cover: Dominique Sanda (photography by David Chan, designed by Kerig Pope, illustration by Martin Hoffman)

Centerfold Photo: Ellen Michaels (photography by Dwight Hooker)

Interview: Saul Alinsky (by Eric Norden)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Dominique Sanda (by Pompeo Posar, Giancarlo Botti); The Shirt Off Her Back: Karen Westbrook, Donna Crane, Victoria Mutter, Shirley Metz Boser, Teri Polak, Dee Nepa, Jan Miller, Barbara Webb, Joanne Vargas (by David Chan, David Finer, Brian Hennessey, Marvin E. Newman); Savages: Susan Blakely, Kathleen Widdoes, Asha Puthli, Anne Francine, Paulita Sedgwick, Isabelle Collin Dufresne (Ultra Violet), Salome Jens (by J. Barry O'Rourke, Pompeo Posar)

Playboy April 1972 Cover featured by Rosie Holotik

Issue: April 1972
Playmate: Vicki Peters (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: Rosie Holotik (photography by Dwight Hooker)

Centerfold Photo: Vicki Peters (photography by Mario Casilli)

Interview: Jack Nicholson (by Richard Warren Lewis)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Tiffany Bolling (by Mario Casilli); 'Pop's Girls' (painting by Mel Ramos, photography by Robert Mates, Paul Katz); 'Turned-On Tubs' (by Mario Casilli)

Playboy May 1972 Cover featured by Barbara Klein (Barbi Benton)

Issue: May 1972
Playmate: Deanna Baker (photography by Dwight Hooker, Bruce McBroom)
Cover: Barbara Klein (Barbi Benton) (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Centerfold Photo: Deanna Baker (photography by Dwight Hooker, Bruce McBroom)

Interview: Howard Cosell (by Lawrence Linderman)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Valerie Perrine (by Mario Casilli, Larry Barbier); 'Monday's Child' (by J. Frederick Smith)

Playboy June 1972 Cover featured by Liv Lindeland

Issue: June 1972
Playmate: Debbie Davis (photography by Bill Figge)
Cover: Liv Lindeland (photography by Alexas Urba)

Centerfold Photo: Debbie Davis (photography by Bill Figge)

Interview: Jackie Stewart (by Larry DuBois)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Those Sexy French Literary Ladies: Catherine Breillat, Virginie des Rieux, Catherine de Premonville, Marie-Ange Agnèse, Régine Deforges, Michèl Matthys, Béatrice Privat (by David Hamilton); Madeleine Collinson, Mary Collinson (by Dwight Hooker); 'Love for Sale' (by Frederick Moore, Orlando)

Playboy July 1972 Cover featured by 'A Revealing History of Lingerie'

Issue: July 1972
Playmate: Carol O'Neal (photography by Richard Fegley)
Cover: 'A Revealing History of Lingerie' (photography by Robert Harmon)

Centerfold Photo: Carol O'Neal (photography by Richard Fegley)

Interview: Anthony Herbert (by Bruce Galloway & Robert B. Johnson Jr.)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'An Overview of Ladies' Underwear' (by Frank Laffitte, Richard Fegley); Paula Pritchett, Paula Kelly (by Mario Casilli, Ralph Nelson Jr.)

Playboy August 1972 Cover featured by Carol Vitale

Issue: August 1972
Playmate: Linda Summers (photography by Edward DeLong, Bill Figge)
Cover: Carol Vitale (photography by Alexas Urba)

Centerfold Photo: Linda Summers (photography by Edward DeLong, Bill Figge)

Interview: Sam Peckinpah (by William Murray)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Hershey (by Ron Thal); The Girls of Munich: Anulka Dziubinska, Marlene Appelt, Alberta Brandenstein, Mia Schröter, Barbara Karger, Christa Linder, Hildegard Kuhlbach, Hansi Lohmann, Sigi Patt-Von-Babo, Monica Fleischer, Marlene Wiese, Iris Gras, Helga Blaha, Margie Ferstl, Eva Garden, Heidi Ulmer-Hartberger, Karin Muller, Christiane Rücker, Kiki Golz, Regina Baar, Eva Maria Bohnchin, Evelyn Wilczek, Monique Ofner, Nicola Schlubach, Gisela Lange, Hella Rutz, Birgit Zamulo (by Pompeo Posar, Jan Parik); 'Zoom!' (by Alexas Urba, Maury Hammond)

Playboy September 1972 Cover featured by Sandra Jozefski

Issue: September 1972
Playmate: Susan Miller (photography by Mario Casilli)
Cover: Sandra Jozefski (photography by Bill Arsenault)

Centerfold Photo: Susan Miller (photography by Mario Casilli)

Interview: Bernadette Devlin (by Eric Norden)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Karen Philipp (by Brian Hennessey); 'Skinetic Art' (by Garry Gross, John Olson, Pompeo Posar); 'Student Bodies' (by David Bogorad, David Chan, Jeff Cohen, Alan Copeland, Marc Hauser, Hikaru 'Carl' Iwasaki, Mike Laurance, Fred W. McDarrah, John Robaton, Charles Scheer, Don Carl Steffen, Gilbert Weingourt)

Playboy October 1972 Cover featured by Lynn Myers

Issue: October 1972
Playmate: Sharon Johansen (photography by Richard Fegley, Pompeo Posar, Alexas Urba (CF photo))
Cover: Lynn Myers (photography by Pompeo Posar)

Centerfold Photo: Sharon Johansen (photography by Alexas Urba)

Interview: Meir Kahane (by Walter Goodman)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Bunnies of 1972: Phyllis Moisan, Cheryl Carroll, Judy Greno, Kandy Whitbeck, Mickey Hersch, Maryse Larose, Irene Caneal, Lieko English, Ruthy Ross, Jerri Male, Vicki Snell, Tricia Williams, Crystal Smith, Jillian Bergamo, Jade Williams, Georgina Protheroe, Carolyn Larkin, Liz Asher, Michele Voyer, Robin Cecil, Dianne Davis, Marilyn Cole, Lori Thebeau, Charlie Wadsworth, Janice Shilinsky, Carole Green, Mercy Rooney (by Peter Brandt, David Chan, Robert Goldberg, Brian Hennessey, Dwight Hooker, Carl Iri, Ralph Nelson Jr., Pompeo Posar, Alexas Urba); Claudia Jennings (by Pompeo Posar); Brown, Black and White: Brenda Sykes, Stella Stevens, Jim Brown (by Howard L. Bingham)

Playboy November 1972 Cover featured by Pamela Rawlings

Issue: November 1972
Playmate: Lenna Sjööblom (photography by Dwight Hooker)
Cover: Pamela Rawlings (photography by Rowland Scherman)

Centerfold Photo: Lenna Sjööblom (photography by Dwight Hooker)

Interview: Jack Anderson (by Larry DuBois)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Gwen Goldberg (Gwen Welles) (by Roger Vadim); Liv Lindeland (by Alexas Urba); 'Sex in Cinema 1972'

Playboy December 1972 Cover

Issue: December 1972
Playmate: Mercy Rooney (photography by Alexas Urba)
Cover: Unknown (photography by Bill Arsenault / Art by Haddon Sundblom)

Centerfold Photo: Mercy Rooney (photography by Alexas Urba)

Interview: Yevgeny Yevtushenko (by Michael Laurence)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Nancy Robinson (by Herbert Migdoll); Marilyn Cole; Sex Stars of 1972

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