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Playboy Poland 2009

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Playboy January 2009 Cover featured by Marzena Cieślik

Issue: January 2009
Playmate: Esther Welvaarts (photography by Toonen & Wientjens)
Cover: Marzena Cieślik (photography by Dash)

Centerfold Photo: Esther Welvaarts (photography by Toonen & Wientjens)

Interview: Jerzy Owsiak
20Q: Chad Hurley

Playboy February 2009 Cover featured by Karolina Nolbrzak

Issue: February 2009
Playmate: Michaela Grauke (Mia Gray) (photography by Ivana Krešić)
Cover: Karolina Nolbrzak (photography by Szymon Brodziak)

Interview: Wojciech Pszoniak
29Q: Marcin Dorociński

Playboy March 2009 Cover featured by Weronika Żurkowska

Issue: March 2009
Playmate: Karolina Urban (photography by Marlena Bielinska)
Cover: Weronika Żurkowska (photography by Szymon Brodziak)

Centerfold Photo: Karolina Urban (photography by Marlena Bielinska)

Interview: 1. Hugh Laurie / 2. Andrzej Bachleda / 3. Lao Che
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Czysta Krew: Katarzyna Danysz-Żelewska & Weronika Żurkowska (by Szymon Brodziak); Playmates of Playboy Poland 2008

Playboy April 2009 Cover featured by Jenna Jameson

Issue: April 2009
Playmate: Monika Napieraj (photography by Bartosz Wardziak)
Cover: Jenna Jameson

Interview: Krzysztof Pieczyński
20Q: Sidney Polak

Playboy May 2009 Cover featured by Eugenia Diordiychuk

Issue: May 2009
Playmate: Ksenia Zaitseva (photography by Vlad Loktev)
Cover: Eugenia Diordiychuk (photography by Alexander Morderer)

Centerfold Photo: Ksenia Zaitseva (photography by Vlad Loktev)

Interview: 1. Jacek Poniedziałek / 2. Kinga Baranowska
20Q: Adrien Brody
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Izabela Mika & Iza Sala (by Szymon Brodziak)

Playboy June 2009 Cover featured by Carmen Electra

Issue: June 2009
Playmate: Kamila Maćkowiak (photography by Agnes Kubicka)
Cover: Carmen Electra (photography by Willy Camden)

Centerfold Photo: Kamila Maćkowiak (photography by Agnes Kubicka)

Interview: 1. Adam Nowak / 2. Marcin Gortat
37Q: Danny DeVito
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmates of Playboy Italy: Micol Ronchi, Francesca Lukasik, Sarah Nile, Cristina De Pin (by Pietro Lucerni, Alessandra Rosati, Pamela Salvato)

Playboy July-August 2009 Cover featured by Rabbit Head

Issue: July-August 2009
Playmate: Iza Sala (photography by Szymon Brodziak)
Cover: Rabbit Head

Centerfold Photo: Iza Sala (photography by Szymon Brodziak)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Dutch Playmates: Bianca Jeffry, Viola van Munster, Wendy Luijs (by Toonen & Wientjens, René de Haan); Sylvia Papadaki (by Pál Nánási)

Playboy September 2009 Cover featured by Katarzyna Danysz-Żelewska

Issue: September 2009
Playmate: Ana Paula Tabalipa (photography by Maurício Nahas)
Cover: Katarzyna Danysz-Żelewska (photography by Szymon Brodziak)

Centerfold Photo: Ana Paula Tabalipa (photography by Maurício Nahas)

Interview: 1. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz / 2. Karol Jabłoński
30Q: Monica Bellucci
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Doreen Seidel, Magdalena Sierka, Leonor Pérez (by Irene Schaur)

Playboy October 2009 Cover featured by Anna Mucha

Issue: October 2009
Playmate: Doreen Seidel (photography by Irene Schaur)
Cover: Anna Mucha (photography by Szymon Brodziak)

Centerfold Photo: Doreen Seidel (photography by Irene Schaur)

Interview: Katarzyna Szczot (Kayah)
25Q: Tomasz Adamek
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Girls in Croatia: Aleksandra Grdić, Bridget Marquardt, Marta Gut, Sylwia Romaniuk, Monika Leszczyńska, Marcella Nihof, Branka Knežević, Sabina Čedić

Playboy November 2009 Cover featured by Magdalena Muzyka

Issue: November 2009
Playmate: Margerita Waldmann (photography by Wilfried Wulff)
Cover: Magdalena Muzyka (photography by Aleksandra Kaczkowska)

Centerfold Photo: Margerita Waldmann (photography by Wilfried Wulff)

Interview: 1. Jadwiga Staniszkis / 2. Rafał Królikowski
20Q: Kraftwerk

Playboy December 2009 Cover featured by Iga Wyrwał

Issue: December 2009
Playmate: Efi Kyriakou (photography by Pál Nánási)
Cover: Iga Wyrwał (photography by Szymon Brodziak)

Centerfold Photo: Efi Kyriakou (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: 1. Leonard Cohen / 2. James Cameron
58Q: Jacek Braciak
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Gavin O'Neill

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