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Playboy Argentina 2011

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Playboy January 2011 Cover featured by Pamela Anderson

Issue: January 2011
Playmate: Hester Winkel (photography by Toonen & Wientjens)
Cover: Pamela Anderson (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Interview: Luis Ortega (by Javier Firpo)
20Q: William Shatner (by David Rensin)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Fotoerotica 2010' (by Andrej Frankowski)

Playboy February 2011 Cover featured by Rocío Gancedo Magallán

Issue: February 2011
Playmate: Irene Hoek (photography by Toonen & Wientjens)
Cover: Rocío Gancedo Magallán (photography by Luis Sens)

Interview: 1. León Gieco / 2. Martin Luther King Jr. (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Javier Firpo / 2. Alex Haley)
20Q: Mariano Iúdica (by J.F.)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Jenna Jameson (by Stephen Wayda); Marian Stafford (by Ruth Sondak); Crystal Harris (by Stephen Wayda)

Playboy March 2011 Cover featured by Mónica Farro

Issue: March 2011
Playmate: Viviane Bordin (photography by Sérgio Kovacevick)
Cover: Mónica Farro (photography by Luis Sens)

Interview: Alejandro González Iñárritu (by Axel Kuschevatzky)
20Q: Gabriel Goity (by Javier Firpo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Barbara Klein (Barbi Benton) (by Dwight Hooker); Izabella Łukomska

Playboy April 2011 Cover featured by Lola Bezerra

Issue: April 2011
Playmate: Julia Schober (photography by Florian Lohmann)
Cover: Lola Bezerra (photography by Luis Sens)

Interview: Hugh Hefner (by Florian Boitin, Philip Wolff)
20Q: Marston Hefner, Cooper Hefner (by Bill Zehme)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Crystal Harris (by Stephen Wayda); Teddi Smith (by Pompeo Posar); Pura Adrenalina: Marikena Garcia Cornejo, Vicki Peon (by Ignacio Sánchez); 'Fotoerotica 2010'

Playboy May 2011 Cover featured by Claudia Albertario

Issue: May 2011
Playmate: Anna-Maria Kagerer (photography by Max Seam)
Cover: Claudia Albertario (photography by Tomás Ben)

Interview: Cristina Pérez (by Javier Firpo)
20Q: Dante Spinetta (by Javier Firpo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Bo Derek (by John Derek); Janine Habeck (by Autumn Sonnichsen)

Playboy June 2011 Cover featured by Solange Gómez

Issue: June 2011
Playmate: Nancy Lynn de Ronde (Jackson) (photography by Toonen & Wientjens)
Cover: Solange Gómez (photography by Luis Sens)

Interview: Dady Brieva (by Javier Firpo)
20Q: Andrea Pietra (by Javier Firpo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Elizabeth Jagger (by Sasha Eisenman); Barbara Schantz (by Pompeo Posar); Claire Sinclair

Playboy July 2011 Cover featured by Crystal Harris

Issue: July 2011
Playmate: Juliana Salimeni (photography by Autumn Sonnichsen)
Cover: Crystal Harris (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Interview: Juan María Traverso (by Sebastián Prats)
20Q: Clemente Cancela (by Javier Firpo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Donna Edmondson (by Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda); Triss Merigold

Playboy August 2011 Cover featured by Mariana Diarco

Issue: August 2011
Playmate: Una Grujić (photography by Nenad Marjanović)
Cover: Mariana Diarco (photography by Diego Carballo)

Interview: 1. Nicolás Repetto / 2. Yasser Arafat (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Javier Firpo / 2. Morgan Strong)
20Q: Luciano Cáceres (by Javier Firpo)

Playboy September 2011 Cover featured by Débora Comba

Issue: September 2011
Playmate: Jessa Hinton (photography by Arny Freytag)
Cover: Débora Comba (photography by Diego Carballo)

Interview: Juan José Campanella (by Javier Firpo)
20Q: Lalo Mir (by Javier Firpo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Dana Plato

Playboy October 2011 Cover featured by Cinthia Fernández

Issue: October 2011
Playmate: Jovana Tubić (photography by Braca Nadeždić)
Cover: Cinthia Fernández (photography by Tomás Ben)

Interview: Claudio Villarruel (by Luis Güerri)
20Q: Massa Alcántara (Cabito) (by Javier Firpo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Leila Lucianitch (by Mariana Oliva Gerli); Kathy Shower (by Richard Fegley, Stephen Wayda)

Playboy November 2011 Cover featured by María Paz Delgado

Issue: November 2011
Playmate: Fani Pacheco (photography by Maurício Nahas)
Playmate: Natália Casassola (photography by Maurício Nahas)
Cover: María Paz Delgado (photography by Tomás Ben)

Interview: Sebastián Wainraich (by Javier Firpo)
20Q: Lenny Kravitz (by Vicente Jáuregui)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Bebe Buell (by Richard Fegley)

Playboy December 2011 Cover featured by Micaela Breque

Issue: December 2011
Playmate: Monika Pietrasińska (photography by Marzena Bukowska-Filuk)
Cover: Micaela Breque (photography by Tomás Ben)

Interview: Julio Chávez (by Javier Firpo)
20Q: Déborah de Corral (by Javier Firpo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kate Moss

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